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Control the Emailing Yourself and Save Substantial Money!

At Opt In Email Marketing, our goal is always to give our customers full control of their marketing campaigns for the lowest cost possible.  We have some clients who want to go it alone and run their own campaign right from their office PC.

They can do that now and more.

We also have many clients who are technically challenged, don't have the resources in-house or budgets to run their own campaign so they outsource it to Opt In Email Marketing to manage their marketing campaigns.

They still can do that now and more.

In addition to our email deployment services, Opt In Email Marketing offers the following software and services to

"The Company Who Wants To Go It Alone".

Please email us or call your broker for pricing and questions.

Our Featured Software


Blast Email Marketing Machine

Blast Email Marketing Machine allows you to e-mail for $7 per 350,000 from the IP address of USA based email servers, with by far has the best deliverability in the industry! How?

GE simultaneously rotates your email through many webhosting companies SMTP's (you own), so you do not utilize contiguous IP addresses and exceed the ISP speed thresholds. Also rotated are your: From Names, From E-mails, Subject Lines, parts of the email body and many presentations, to reduce commonality to the filters, and includes a built in spam-checker.

Blast Email Marketing Machine has a robust database built into it that allows you to query data that we supply or other data suppliers by dozens of socio, economic and demographic selects. GE also interfaces with our squeeze/landing pages we can design for you so to provide "ANONYMOUS" tracking of opens, click throughs, landing page visits and includes an auto-responder. Dozens of other unique benefits which simultaneously allows you to have not only the lowest email sending costs but by far the best deliverability!

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Blast Email Marketing Machine Has Simply Revolutionized The Email Industry!

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Contact Page Marketing Machine

You're Treated As A Guest In The Website Owners House Compared To Emailing! Contact Page Marketing Machine Automatically Personalizes Every Website Submission.

Contact Page Marketing Machine simply allows you to upload the home page of millions of websites that you want to contact and WS automates the posting and submitting of your message into the websites contact page! No emailing! No Can SPAM Email Requirements!

It appears as if you visited each website, as the software will even insert the name of the key executive from the uploaded data record right into each submission.

The response is "30X Greater Than E-Mailing" as 100% of people open their contact page submissions as opposed to emails AND of course there are no email filters to deal with as this is not emailing!

Contact Page Marketing Machine lets your custom message contain your website link and handles Unicode for foreign website submissions as well. The software will run all day at no cost from any desktop PC and will contact about 150,000 websites per day.

The Days of Typing Captcha Are Over

Contact Page Marketing Machine software also has an added "DECAPTCHA" OPTION where it will use a service bureau in real time which will enter captcha codes into the approximately 20% of websites which have captcha codes at a cost of only one cent per correct submission. This has never been offered before!!!

Contact Page Marketing Machine has an additional feature that allows you to post your message into the contact pages of representatives from many top Multi-Level-Marketing companies as well. The possibilities are endless!!!!!

No More Relying upon Emails that Go Bad Quickly! --- No Email Filter Issues! --- No More Getting Black Listed! Just one very inexpensive Contact Page Marketing Machine License can submit tens of thousands per day!
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Search Engine Extractor

Consumers Report: Its Google, Yahoo and Bing on Steroids!

Unlimited FREE Data

Unlimited FREE Access To Highly Targeted Business Data Records!

Search Engine Extractor simultaneously uses Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to obtain unlimited, free, targeted, fresh business data records.

Unlike a traditional search engine in which the results are controlled and listed 10 per page, Search Engine Extractor vertically lists the results and allows you to further target, analyzing and manipulating to further refine your search!

Unlike any other search engine Search Engine Extractor search results can be exported as a standard .csv file with a dozen data fields! You even have the ability to append a SIC and NAISC business code to the exported results to build an unlimited, free, targeted, fresh, database. FREE data at your fingertips!!

Search Engine Extractor unlimited FREE and fresh businesses data is collected at No Cost and can then be uploaded into our Webpage Submitter software to contact the Search Engine Extractor prospects you just obtained for FREE!

It's FREE Marketing Worldwide At Its Best

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local data

Yellow Pages Lead Finder

Enter a business industry and City or State and the software will automatically collect from a major Yellow Pages business directory the business name, postal address, phone, fax, website, and email addresses of the businesses and exports to a data file!

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B2B Lead Generator

Enter a business industry and City or States/Canadian Provinces and the software will automatically collect from a major search engine business directory the business name, postal address, phone, fax, website, and email addresses of the businesses and exports to a data file!

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business classified


Classifieds Collector

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Designed for obtaining targeted email addresses by keyword from any classified website.

Classifieds Collector is very fast, reliable and affordable way for collecting email addresses for your targeted marketing needs.

Classifieds Collector works with any classified website with so you can use the extracted data to promote your business worldwide. This data may include Email Address, Business Name, Contact Name, Business Address, Website Address and Telephone Number.

Classifieds Software allows users to collect email addresses from (Craigs Lists, Gumtree, Kiiji, and Backpage) by dozens of targeted online classifieds categories in dozens of targeted geographic locations! It even has a built-in emailer to email a presentation and deliverability is over 99% due to these fresh classified postings.

It is an all in one solution as Classifieds software also has a robust built–in emailer which allows users to send their presentations to the emails collected from its database.

The software freely runs off a PC and can collect 100,000 targeted data leads per day.



Realtor Marketing Magic

Our Realtor Marketing Magic software freely runs on your PC and allows you to post and submit your message into the contact page of over hundred thousand Realtors by geographic location.

The software bypasses any email filters since it is posting directly to their contact page and of course since you are not emailing it is CAN-SPAM compliant. It simply automates you going to tens of thousands of contact pages per day and writing a note to each Realtor as if you were visiting their contact page.

Realtor Marketing Magic is in high demand by many:

1) Realtors look to reach out to other Realtors to advise them about a new property coming on the market or a price change in a property.

2) Mortgage Companies want to reach Realtors so they can advise them of unique mortgage plans that would enable Realtors buyers to afford the property.

3) Car Companies like Realtors because they spend money on nice cars and need to buy often.

4) People who sell business opportunities like contacting Realtors because Realtors are entrepreneurial types and are typically open to ways of making money on commission; especially now that the real estate industry is slow.

5) Companies selling communications equipment and services want to reach Realtors because they are always on the go.

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