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Geographic Search Parameters

Clicking on the name of a country, state or province will check that box too.


*Selecting USA will override any State selection below.

United States:

Search By City Names

City names that are common to multiple States will give you the data count for each City in every State selected. Also, city name spellings are not consistent and the USPS city/town names do not always jibe with the actual town the resident is in, especially in sparsely populated rural areas. Zip codes & county names are a lot more accurate way to get the right geographical matches.
Separate the city names with commas

Use the Zip Codes or SCF Codes specific to the City and it's Metropolitan area for the Best Results.

County Data Records Search Option:

Select one or more US STATES FIRST, then click right button for all the counties,
Avoid the folowing "Counties" search option if you are searching for a specific State or just one or a few Municipalities within a State.

Choose Only One from Below:

Zip Code Option l:
Input 5-digit US Zip Codes Individually
Sub-Option I

Sub-Option II

Works with both Option l & ll

If you require a record count for each Zip Code instead of one count for all Zip Codes. Check the Box Below.
Note: This will result in longer query time & only works for INCLUDE ONLY zips.

Paste Your Zip Codes Here

The zip codes can be separated by spaces or any non numeric character like a comma. All non-numeric characters will be stripped out. Only the first 5 digits of the zip code are used. There is a 25000 character limit.

Zip Code Option lll:
United States Zip Code Based SCF Look Up
Will Find all the Zip Codes in a region based on the first three numbers of the Zip Code, like '011' will give you all the zips in the Springfield Mass area. The US Census Population of the SCF region is the last number.

(NOTE: Hold the Control key down to select more than one SCF Region)

Zip Code Option lV:
Radius Search by US Zip Code:
(For radius distance up to 250 miles)

Zip:   |  Miles:
NOTE : Selecting a US Search Radius will prevent you from searching by City, County or the 3 other Zip searches.
Email Address Search Search Email Addresses for This Word or Phrase:   
(This insures that all your results will have an email address)
Example: if you enter "piano" in the box, it will find all emails addresses with "piano" embedded in it somewhere. There are no spaces or commas in an email address. Just enter letters, numbers, '@', '_', '-' or periods '.'

Email Domain Include OR Exclude Searches (Optional)
Out Of Thousands of Email Domains, like, in Our Database
These are the 62 Most Common Email Domains
Option I
Option Il
Option Ill

Email Domains:

The more of these check boxes that you check off, the more you will add to the number of records.
Unique Telephone, Emails & Postal Mail Addresses Over 25 Million of these records have valid emails Check Here For Unique


Check Here For Valid Phone Numbers WITH:

If the "Do Not Call" Flag = NO, that means the phone number IS NOT ON the "Do Not Call" List. This means you can cold call them.

If the "Do Not Call" Flag = Yes, that means the phone number IS ON the "Do Not Call" List. This means you shouldn't cold call them or you might get into trouble.

Includes blanks as well as Y's and N's

Choose Any or All of the following search options:

Everything Below is Optional.
Telephone Numbers Search: (Optional) Enter the area code and exchange of the phone # as a string w/o any spaces, like 203233. Separate them by at least a space. Note: At least a 3 Digit Area Code is required. This search option can take a considerable time, especially if multiple states and many area codes and exchanges are entered.

Enter an Age or Age Range: (Optional)

If you want a range of ages, enter the lower age in the left dropdown box & the higher age in the right dropdown box.

Date of Birth: (Optional)

Select any of the three to Obtain an Exact or partial Date of Birth, Even for People Born on a particular day or month

/ /
Select Any of the Three or All

Important Note:

Read This To Understand the Following Options

Many of the questions below have at the bottom the statement: "All Must Match" and "Any Match On This"

When you select "All Must Match" this means that when you select multiple interests the only records that you get included within your query results are when a person has indicated they are interested in ALL the Interests that you have chosen--therefore you are substantially limiting your data results.

When you select "Any Match On This" this means that when you select multiple interests you want added to your query results all records in which the person has indicated they are interested in the interest category you selected but they don't also have to be interested in other categories you selected.

If I chose "All Must Match" and selected interests: 1) Hunt 2) Fish 3) Golf
This would mean that only the records that they are interested in ALL three will be included in the query results. If they were interested in only two of the three interests you would get a ZERO results.

If I chose "Any Match On This" and selected interests 1) Hunt 2) Fish 3) Golf This would mean that ALL people who have indicated interest in any one of the interests selected will be added to the query results.
Educational Levels (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Types of Business Owners (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Occupations General (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Occupations Detailed (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Languages (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Ethnicities (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Ethnic Groups (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Religions (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Number Of Children
Children in Household? | |
Sex of Children | |
Marital Status | |
Child or Adults Present In Household by Age Range (click here to expand options)  |   (click here to hide options)
Estimated Household Income Lower Range or Exact Value
Estimated Household Income Upper Range (optional)
Estimated Net Worth Lower Range or Exact Values
Estimated Net Worth Upper Range (optional)
Credit Rating Lower Range or Exact Value
Credit Rating Upper Range (optional)

Home and Dwelling Section

Type of Property | |
Property Owner or Renter | |
Address Type (post office)

Length of Time in Years at Current Residence In Years

Select Records Based on Homeowners 1st Mortgage Date: Include in only records that have mortgage from an earlier date back to a later date.
From this Date:

This Must be an Earlier Date
than the One to the Right.
To this Date:

Leave this one alone if you want to
select all records up to the present.

Estimated Home Market Value Lower Range or Exact Values
Estimated Home Market Value Upper Range (optional)
Heating Fuel | | | |
Type of Air Conditioning | | | | | | | | | | | |
Type of Water Service | | | |
Type of Sewer Service | | | |
Generations in Household | | | |
No. of Adults in Household | | | | | |
Gender Male or Female | |
Tobacco Smoker | |

Bank and Credit Card Section

Discover Card User | |
VISA Card User | |
American Express Card User | |
Gas, Department, Retail Card Holder | |

Interests & Activities

Tennis | |
Golf | |
Snow Skiing | |
Motorcycling | |
Boating & Sailing | |
SCUBA Diving | |
Sports And Leisure | |
Hunting | |
Fishing | |
Camping And Hiking | |
Hunting And Shooting | |
Exercise Enthusiasts | |
Flying | |

Spectator Sports

TV Sports | |
Auto & Motorcycle Racing | |
Football | |
Baseball | |
Basketball | |
Hockey | |
Soccer | |


Collectors | |
Stamp Collectors | |
Coin Collectors | |
Art Collectors | |
Antique Collectors | |
Military Memorabilia Collectors | |
Sports Memorabilia Collectors | |
Lifestyles Collectors | |

Home & Garden

Home & Garden | |
House Plants | |
Home Improvement | |
Gardening | |
Crafts | |
Woodworking | |

Search by Last Name:
Search By Last Name:
(Use Proper Capitalization)

(This is for exact matches only. It will slow query down considerably)

Check Record Count
Search Anytime
Before you press the button below to get your query results, you also have the option to be emailed the results. Depending upon the time of day, the quantity of selects, the query wait time can range from 10 seconds to 12 minutes.

Option 1: If you don't want to wait to see your query results, we'll email them to you at this address:

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